Photographer’s Statement



I have been engaged in photography for over 40 years. I delight in exploring the many fascinating ways photography, both old and new, continue to captivate. I have taught photography to young people and adults. In that time I have learned that good photography requires the right light and a good eye. Luck is frequently a factor as well. But more important than all is one’s interaction with the subject.


I have always had an interest in taking photos of the natural world and of people. I find them both beautiful. My photography is focused on the rituals of human activity and on the rhythms of nature.


I live and work in North Vancouver, but have also been a part-time resident of Hornby Island since 1971. I made the move to digital photography a few years ago, after many years of film camera work, building 4 darkrooms, and teaching photography the old-fashioned way.


I have found two major virtues to digital work. The first is economy of resources and of time. I can take as many shots as I want, and not run out of film. I can select the better ones, and choose to print the best, at home, the same day I took them. I still do no more “improvement” of the images than I used to do in the darkroom.


The second virtue is perhaps more important. As I make portraits, I can share the results instantly with the people I am recording. Together we can choose the shot we both like - I have found  the process of portrait photography to be more and more a collaborative one.

- Wayne Wiens